Enabling real-time monitoring of infectious disease threats

Our biosensors will revolutionize the ability to readily detect trace levels of infectious disease particles in real-time both in the surrounding environment and in human specimens. By coupling highly-specific bioprobes to field-effect transitors (FETs), the presence of a trace levels of specific infectious agent can be detected and measured through an electrical signal generated by our biosensor.

Biodefense Applications

Biosensor for public safety
In partnership with NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Mirimus is creating an advanced technological system for closed-loop, real-time detection and destruction of existing and emerging biothreats. Such biodefense system will become as common as a smoke detector in every space that humans occupy, including schools, hospitals, and public transportation. View full press release.

Wearable Device Applications

Mirimus is generating biosensors that can be embedded in wearable devices for continuous monitoring of a variety of human health threats, giving people a better understanding of their health.


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