Bring RNAi technology to its peak

Discover potent gene knockdown at a single copy integration and dramatically decreased off-target effects-guaranteed. Using our latest shRNA designs expressed within our proprietary miRE scaffold, we guarantee >80–90% knockdown of any gene target.

RNAi Therapeutics Design

Due to its versatility and potential, RNA is increasingly gaining importance as a novel therapeutic. Indeed, such molecules are now employed for the development of vaccines, regulation of the gene expression, and creation of aptamers binding specific targets. The Mirimus RNAi Therapeutics department aims to harness the power of the RNA interference machinery to develop novel and highly specific treatments to be used in several pathological conditions. Thanks to our broad expertise in RNAi, we are able to generate artificial microRNAs (amiRNAs) with enhanced processing and specificity to precisely target and efficiently silence genes that are known to be detrimental in a given pathology.

How It Works

Mirimus offers shRNA validation services to identify top-performing shRNAs silencing a given gene of interest. Using our functional Sensor reporter assay which quantifies protein knockdown levels, we identify optimized shRNA sequences for reliable in vivo gene suppression. Each shRNA receives a score indicative of its performance to silence its endogenous target. All validations are performed at single-copy genomic integration which reduces sequence-dependent and -independent off-target effects.

Our Technology

 An optimized microRNAbackbone for effective single-copy RNAi (Fellmann et al. 2013, Cell Reports)

•  Demonstration of reliable superior technology (Watanbe et al. 2016, RNA Biology)


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