Discovering and validating biomarkers to detect and monitor cancer

It’s time for your annual check-up with your doctor and he wants to check your cholesterol levels. Why? High cholesterol is a biomarker for cardiovascular disease – a molecule that indicates the presence of a disease and that can be measured in our fluids (blood, saliva, urine) or tissues. Similarly, cancer biomarkers are proteins, genes, and other molecules that affect how cancer cells grow, multiply, die, and respond to other compounds in the body.

Mirimus is at the forefront of cancer research, developing and validating biomarkers for a wide range of cancers. If cancer biomarkers can be reliably measured through non-invasive tests, they will provide diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic insights.

Liquid Biopsy: a step closer to non invasive cancer detection

Mirimus is exploring new approaches that could potentially complement or serve as an alternative to tissue biopsies, changing the way patients are treated, and ultimately saving lives. A liquid biopsy involves the sampling and analysis of bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, or saliva, to look for signs of cancer or other diseases. Liquid biopsies can detect a range of biomarker types, including tumor DNA, tumor cells, and exosomes. By giving fast, safe, and non-surgical access to a tumor's genetic information, liquid biopsies from cancer patients have opened up newer avenues in detection and continuous monitoring, in treatment based on precision medicine, and in screening of markers for therapeutic resistance.

What can liquid biopsies tell us?

If and where cancer is present

Genomic alterations driving cancer

Suitability and effectiveness
of treatments

If the cancer has spread        

How do liquid biopsies compare to traditional surgical biopsies?

Traditional Biopsy

· Invasive
· Longer time procedure
· High cost
· Molecular information limited to   constraint areas
· Not compatible with tumor monitoring

Liquid Biopsy

· Minimally invasive
· Shorter time procedure
· Lower cost
· More complete tumor molecular information
· Compatible with tumor monitoring


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